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The Animal Welfare Label is the only official label for products that meet the provisions of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act. It guarantees compliance with the legal animal welfare requirements based on a scientific examination and practical experience.

The Animal Welfare Label guarantees legal certainty! Tierschutz-Kennzeichen Englisch

The Animal Welfare Label is awarded by the Specialist Unit for Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare. The Specialist Unit, located on the grounds of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, is an independent body established on the basis of Art. 18 para. 6 of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act. This enables professional exchange with veterinary experts, particularly with regard to animal husbandry and animal welfare, at any given time.

The Specialist Unit’s role is to check that animal husbandry and stable systems, pet accommodations and pet accessories as well as other technical equipment used in husbandry and pet keeping are in compliance with the Austrian Animal Welfare Act.

Article 18 para. 7 of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act stipulates the mandatory examination of all innovative products before they are offered on the Austrian market. Innovative products are defined as any that were not in use in animal husbandry in Austria prior to March 2012 (date of entry into force of the Specialist Unit/Husbandry System Regulation) or that differ, either as a whole or in their individual components, from existing systems or equipment, thus changing their functional areas of use or their use by animals.

However, Art. 18 para. 8 of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act also provides for a voluntary examination of products. Numerous companies take this opportunity to have their products examined and labelled with the Animal Welfare Label to offer their customers safety and legal security.


Assessment criteria

  • The products are examined to check their compliance with the legal requirements (of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act including regulations, as well as EU legislation).
  • The examination is based on state-of-the-art of science and practice, and includes comparisons with similar products as well as inspection of the products.
  • Examinations carried out in other countries, such as those of the Swiss inspection authority (Centre for Animal Husbandry at Taenikon and Zollikofen), DLG (German Agricultural Society) test reports (Focus test, Signum test) are taken into consideration.
  • Practical experience is gained by conducting surveys in reference animal-husbandry establishments.
  • Should additional data be required for the assessment, this can be obtained in co-operation with an official inspection body. You will find more details on the website of the Specialist Unit.

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